FREE running shoes..... (just kidding, now that I have your attention) We don't check id's and you can lie about your age if you like (no one over 99 allowed). Only requirements are running (or walking) and having fun and staying healthy!!

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“Older runners should try very hard to get to the gym to lift weights a few times a week,”Posted by John H. - 5 years ago0512-
Patricia K.
Over SixtyPosted by Patricia K. - 8 years ago4681John H. almost 9 years ago
Do you run in morning or nightPosted by John H. - 8 years ago3628Jessica H. about 8 years ago
goutPosted by John H. - 8 years ago0601-
Knee protection - for training runsPosted by John H. - 8 years ago0579-
What socks do you prefer?Posted by John H. - 8 years ago1588John H. about 8 years ago

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