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Chlorine Allergic?

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Anyone else here addicted and allergic to chlorine? Found that anything helps?

I've found that I sneeze less if I drink water through the practice. Working on inhaling less water too :p

  • I don't think I'm allergic (or addicted -- heh!), but the pool I swam in this past Sunday was over-chlorinated. My lips and tongue felt like they were melting off. Sipping water throughout the workout definitely helped. And showering. At least twice ;) Sorry I can't be of much help.

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    When I first start swimming in a pool or after I take a week off, I get all stuffed up upon my return to training. I eventually get over it but it has to be some form of reaction.

    Have you been tested for your allergy?

    Also I bought Burt's Bee body wash and some stuff for my hair from Whole foods. Notice a big difference with my reaction when I use the products.

    Hope it gets better.

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  • I'm allergic to chlorine and also addicted :) I've found sitting in the steam room at the gym after a swim really helps. Other than that haven't really found anything. I take zyrtec every day for allergies and even that doesn't help!

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