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Week of Feb 15th workout

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This weeks workout was found in the book by Marianne Brems titled The Fit Swimmer.

E = Easy
H = Hard


No stopping.

Total = 1000 yards.

Put as much before and after it as your fitness and needs see fit.

Once completed please share your thoughts, opinions, improvements, etc.

Have fun

  • Disclaimer: I am NOT a distance swimmer. And I'm *really* bad at follow instructions ;)

    I swam with an old teammate last night and incorporated modified versions of Mark's workout. For our main set, we did a total of two pyramids but broke them up into 4 x 500. (The thought of doing a straight 1000 frightens me!) My teammate suggested we switch E/H to H/E by 500. The first two all free, the second two an IM/free mix. Well, I did an IM/free mix. My old teammate scoffed at the idea of doing any rev. IMs!

    4 x 500
    1 - 25E / 25H / 50E / 50H / 75E / 75H / 100E / 100H
    rest 0:30
    2 - 100H / 100E / 75H / 75E / 50H / 50E / 25H / 25E
    100 easy
    3 - 25 fl H / 25 fr E / 25 bk + 25 br H / 50 fr E / 25 fl + 25 bk + 25 br H / 75 fr E / 100 IM H / 100 fr E
    rest 1:00
    4 - 100 fr E / rev. 100 IM H / 75 fr E / 25 br + 25 bk + 25 fl H / 50 fr E / 25 br + 25 bk H / 25 fr E / 25 fl H
    100 easy

    This set went by pretty quickly, but going up was a LOT easier than coming down. If I had to do it again, I'd probs do the IM/free pyramid first.

    Phew! The rest of last night's workout can be found @ . Thanks, Mark! Looking forward to seeing how everyone else's 1000 went :)

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    My workout was posted:

    I have a love / hate relationship with this main set. the speed is great but I hate that gasp of recovery only to have your head down for a another stroke. I love it because this is the exact thing I go through at the start of a triathlon. Big push, then settle down and keep going.

    Unlike someone I know (cough) I actually did the whole thing straight through. ;-)

    Because a certain person didn't listen I nominate that certain person to come up with the next workout once everyone else chimes in. All in favour say "I".



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  • I second Mark's idea - I!

    I did this workout tonight - it was very tempting to take a break, especially on the second half of the ladder, but I just quickly defogged my glasses and kept going. Whew!

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  • Oh, okay, I see how it is! Later in the week, I'll post the next bi-weekly set -- a set for the group and a separate set for Mark and Sarah who can swim an entire 1000 without stopping!


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