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Favorite running spots in Philly

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What are your favorite running spots in and/or around Philly?

  • There's a cemetary in west philly just off of Baltimore that is really pretty to run around. I like going through Penn and then the cemetary.

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  • I have run all over Philly, but one of my favorite areas to run in CC is the Delaware Ave water front!

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  • No brainer...Kelly Drive

    posted about 9 years ago | Report

  • Green Street near Eastern State Pen.

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  • I'm loving running along the Delaware. Hopefully Philly will get it's act together and finish the trail that we keep hearing rumors about. The pier under the Ben Franklin Bridge is about to be transformed into a park, so that's a start. :) I also love running over the bridge. It's a nice steady incline for when I want some hill action.

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  • Forbidden Drive, SRT, Kelly and West River Drives....we've got some great outdoor spaces that are runner friendly.

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  • Has to be Forbidden Drive and the 50+ miles of trails throughout the Wissahickon Valley. No cars and what better way to "Go Green" than run on trails.

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