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Where to run a 20 mile route in DC area?

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I will be in Northern VA in a few weeks and need to cover 20 miles in one run. Where would be a good place to run? I can easily take the Metro down to DC if that is the best place. Any help would be appreciated!!

  • Hi Christy, lots of options, but here are two to start.

    The Washington & Old Dominion Trail (W&OD, is a paved trail running 45 miles west from the Shirlington neighborhood in Arlington to Purcellville, VA. Depending on where you're staying you could hop on and do 10 out and back for your 20.

    Another option is the C&O Towpath (, which runs upstream 185 miles from Georgetown in DC along the north shore of the Potomac to Cumberland, MD. It's a dirt, almost flat path; you could take the metro to Rosslyn, walk across Key Bridge, and go 10 out and back from there.

    Lots of other options, including trails, but those are the easiest to find. Have fun!

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  • Thanks so much!! Very helpful!

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  • +1 for either the W&OD or C&O towpath. Both are fantastic. If you are looking for a nice even paved surface I would use the W&OD. I do all my weekly long runs there. It's accessible from many locations in Nova.

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