Two Hundred Sit-Ups Challenge

Two Hundred Sit-Ups Challenge

Similar to the hundred push-ups challenge, this one is designed to help you achieve two hundred sit-ups at a time in about six weeks. Strong abs and a solid core are important to runners and cyclists alike. You already own everything you need.

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Devin B.
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Krishna Kumar R.
Currently in week 3Posted by Krishna Kumar R. - 6 years ago21090Krishna Kumar R. over 6 years ago
Colin E.
3 daysPosted by Colin E. - 6 years ago0908-
Leanlene S.
Initial test + day 1Posted by Leanlene S. - 7 years ago01053-
day 1Posted by Bryan - 7 years ago11084Karen M. over 7 years ago
Angie L.
Anyone doing the one hundred pushups as well?Posted by Angie L. - 7 years ago11810Wayne P. over 7 years ago
Ironmom Rhonda
week 1, day 1 June 10Posted by Ironmom Rhonda - 7 years ago1962Maria R. over 7 years ago
I feel like a beast-ess!!Posted by Amparo - 7 years ago21456Kayla over 7 years ago
Tanya M.
Trial DayPosted by Tanya M. - 7 years ago01050-
Tanya M.
Initial TestPosted by Tanya M. - 7 years ago0982-
Cameron F.
Week 5Posted by Cameron F. - 7 years ago01006-

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