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Shoulder/Neck Pain

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So I have noticed that during the past week when I am halfway through a run I get sore shoulders and neck. I usually carry my tension there anyways if I am stressed and that will lead to occasional headaches, so I figured it was from tensing up halfway through a run. I have started trying to relax my shoulders more when I feel the pain, but would love more ideas and advice on what to do to help it. One of my friends on here is also having this issue, so I thought I would come here for advice because it sure makes a long wrong miserable when your neck and shoulders hurt.

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    Shoulder and neck pain? Yeah, you are definitely tensing up! The obvious answer to relieve some of this is, of course, stretching well after every run, and if you are able to, schedule a massage session with a therapist as well. What happens, a lot of the times, is that we unconsciously misdirect our energy into places such as our neck and shoulders that causes discomfort. Next time you and your friend are out on your run, be sure to check where about your arms are swinging, and at what length. For example, you don't want a tight fist while running. You want to be relaxed as possible. Use your core and hips to get you through long runs and/or tough courses. As runners, we can be inclined to use our arms and in affect, our upper bodies, to push us through long or tough runs. Our upper body should be relaxed at all times. The only times we should be pumping our arms towards our benefit, is while going up hill or trying to finish strong at the end of our run. Your elbows should be right at your hip, while running, at a 90 degree angle, while swinging forward and back, and not sideways across your body. You want to maintain your energy level in a forward motion. Running in one direction with your legs guiding the way, and your arms not positioned in the same direction, makes for a lot of wasted energy, and in turn, causing unnecessary tension in other areas of your upper body.

    For practice, on your next run, try to be aware of what your body is doing until getting accustomed to your new form as it will eventually become natural to you. Also, what I've found is helpful is repeating a mantra in your head like "My shoulders and neck are relaxed. I run with ease and grace" or "Peace and relaxation are now my body. My shoulders and neck are tense-free." Whatever works for you ... I always whisper to my body parts whenever I experience discomfort.

    Anyway, hope that makes sense ... good luck!

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  • Monica, This is exactly what I need. About 4 miles into a long run, I always seem to have this shoulder aching issue. Form, core strength, and less tension make a lot of sense, and I love the mantra! Definitely will try these things. Thank you. :)

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