Women from RunnersWorld

Women from RunnersWorld

Are you a woman? Do you run? Do you read RunnersWorld Magazine? This is a group for women to share stories and advice about running, or whatever they feel like. Enjoy and be friendly!

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Albom M.
How to fix shower faucet repairsPosted by Albom M. - 2 years ago0687-
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Amanda L.
20 miles a week and not losing weight?Posted by Amanda L. - 6 years ago94244 almost 3 years ago
Albom M.
This is essential to know tub and shower faucetsPosted by Albom M. - 3 years ago0675-
Albom M.
Typically waterfall faucets are simple enough in designPosted by Albom M. - 3 years ago0732-
Discount Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Cosplay CostumesPosted by Ashley - 3 years ago0935-
Erin U.
running doesn't help me lose weight, does it you?Posted by Erin U. - 8 years ago3418007Peterson G. almost 4 years ago
Spectrum S.
Good marathons/races to choose from....Posted by Spectrum S. - 7 years ago41856Daphne F. over 5 years ago
Lkg for walkers, not runners!Posted by Bestself - 5 years ago01645-
Jorge G.
Free Half Marathon Entry in Utah!Posted by Jorge G. - 5 years ago01400-

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