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check out Steve in a Speedo. Fun and motivating. I have been reading his blog for a year and actually met him training once while running at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, and I just ran with him again at the Frozen 5K.

  • Any blog with a photo from a port-a-potty is okay by me!

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  • List your running blog here for free!

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  • Hi!, half marathoners seeking to break 2 hours well .. Here is my suggestion to you: Give the sub 2 hour half marathon manifesto a shot for 30 days. Follow it step-by-step and promise me to make a real effort to make the necessary changes that are described within it. I did not create this without a great deal of effort, time and focus on you, the athlete.

    I want you to follow through with your commitment. Don’t just read the 12-week sub 2 hour half marathon plan contained at the end of it but the stories and advice that will help you maximize your full potential within those 12 weeks.

    When your family and friends see the changes in your mindset and training, they’re going to ask you how much you payed for your coach…many people think working with a coach or personal trainer is the only way to produce fast results, not so. A driven, focused athlete such as yourself will.

    Coaches guide, athletes do. They must and you have now come to a point where the only option is success. There is no doubt that breaking 2 hours for the half marathon is going to happen. It is amazing what can be done when you refuse to accept anything but success in achieving a goal.

    I refused to give up after numerous failures at the 5K to marathon distances. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is simply wanting to endure just a little longer then the next guy or gal down the street.


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