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Anyone else follow the Jeff Galloway run/walk method? I just completed my first HM and did 4/1 run/walk intervals. I completed the race in 2:38. I am planning my 2nd HM in Jan. 2011. Interested to hear if you run the same way! I don't think I could ever run a whole HM straight. My mind, leggs etc just get in the way. The run/walk breaks up the runs for me and my recovery I think is faster.

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  • Yep, I trained for my first half using RWR. I like his minimalistic approach to training, and the long runs ARE quite easy taking all these walkbreaks.

    Actually my first HM was the training long run of 13 miles a couple of weeks before what should have been my first HM (so that became the second HM)

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  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me how the run/walk method works.


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  • Start here:

    For a couple of interviews with Jeff look here: (look for the The Extra Mile Podcast Experiment Episodes)

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  • I used the Galloway method to complete the Twin City marathon this fall (my first marathon). I think it was an excellent way to train injury free. I used a 4/1 ratio for the intervals. I highly recommend this method, especially if you are not going for a great time.

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  • I started out using the walk/run/walk method, but the longest i have run non-stop is an hour and seventeen minutes. i do not run every day and believe having a 48 hour rest period between runs is critical because of your body recovering. I do cross-training using a stationary cycle while also doing strength training exercises and yoga for stretching.

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  • Hi Becky, I'm Jodi (mom of 4) and I've never had an injury following Jeff Galloway's method. I'll be running the Surf City H.M. on Super Bowl Sunday and I'm just hoping to have a better time by 10 min and not be wiped out for S.B. party. I ran 8.74 miles today at 2 /30 sec and I rated my run at 8.

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  • I am new to running and have choosen the Galloway run/walk method to train for my first HM. I am currently using 2/30sec intervals, which seems quite a bit shorter than what I read others are using. Should I strive to lengthen my run intervals? I know different intervals affect pace/finish time but is there any other reason lengthen the run portion? Thanks

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  • Becky -

    I started using the run/walk/run method back in August with the intention of increasing my the distance of my "long" runs. My first goal was to run a HM approximately 3 months from starting this method. The HM went very well....I ran 5/1's and completed the HM in 2:15. I continued to for a full marathon which I completed a few weeks ago. I would not have been able to do it without the run/walk method. Partnered with tempo runs and intervals, using the run/walk method for long training runs has really been a huge benefit for me. Next up....Ironman in Cozumel, Mexico in November 2011!!

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  • I began running at the age of 56 and used the Galloway method for almost the first two years. Since then I've gradually began running at least most of the time but I'll still take walk breaks sometimes if the need arises. I'll be running the Knoxville Half Marathon with my 23-year-old grandson tomorrow (04/03/11) and that'll be my 21st half marathon and 120th race in the two-and-a-half years since I started running. Back in 2009 I ran 4 half marathons in 28 days using the Galloway method. In the 4 races I took a total of 57 walk breaks with finishing times ranging from 1:36 to 1:41, winning my age group in 3 and coming in 2nd in the other (Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi Running, beat me by 2 minutes in the Asheville Citizen-Times Half Marathon).

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  • in reply to what Richard H. said:I began running at the age of 56 and used the Galloway method for almost the first two years. Since then I've gradually began running at least most of the time but I'll still take walk breaks sometimes if the need arises. I'll be ru... read more

    Hi Richard,

    I'm wondering why you switched away from walk breaks, and when/how? I've been working on getting ready for the fargo marathon in may. about halfway through I switched back to walk breaks in my running. I'm kinda using higdons mileage numbers but putting galloway long runs in the plan. I guess I'm feeling guilty for switching back to walk breaks. I don't use them when I run10k but for long runs i like them.

    I saw your race report. Good for you and your grandson.

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  • Hi Jarrod,

    I just kind of gradually stopped doing as much walking as I became more comfortable running for longer distances, and of course as I got more competitive. I think the walk breaks are great and I'll still walk anytime I feel like it, but like you, I use walk breaks more in longer races than shorter races. In 5k's especially I usually don't walk at all because it does slow you down some, although sometimes walk breaks will actually result in better times -- it depends on your conditioning, etc. Do what feels right for you at the time and don't feel guilty if you take walk breaks.

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  • I started running as a 50+ yr old mom and have done 3 half marathons and a marathon using the walk/run method. My times have improved greatly and I have been fortunate to stay healthy.

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  • i too am a big fan of galloway and my name too is jeffrey. yes well done fr ur good timing on the half marathon. i also keep the same timing 4min run and 1 minute walk thru out the entire 13 miles and recovery is damm fast.keep up the good running becky. keep on running more half marathons. u'll become a master runner.

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  • Hi, everyone. Recently, I become quite interested in Jeff Galloway method of RWR. Seems to be quite effective in lasting longer distance for me. I bought his book on HM Training, and there's this part that I dont quite understand, hopefully you guys can shed some light.

    Under Tuesday training, it is listed as (cd/acg/p) run of 40-60 mins. It says to do warm ups of 4cd, 4 acg and run 1 mile at goal pace, and jog the remaining run.

    Does the 40-60 mins run include the warmup, starting from cd/acg or it starts from 1 mile goal pace onwards. Jog defines as a feelas you like pace or there's some instructions to follow.

    I'm hoping to follow his method for 1:45-1:59.

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  • congrats! i do 2:1 galloway and it has definitely helped me (and my husband).! completed my first hm last fall and could never have done it otherwise.

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  • I am going to add running back in to my walks 1:3 to begin with. My next half is 2/2 and I finished my first full 1/20 and I walked the whole thing (7:44:12). Previous running best in the half with some walk breaks was 3:06. We'll see how it goes.

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  • I have done it both ways, doing the Galloway RWR 4/1 intervals, the times are basically the same but I'm totally recovered the next day when I use the Galloway RWR.

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