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Trek Sport/Bikila/Komodo?

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I was wondering what everyone things about the different models and what they use them for? I have a pair of KSO's right now and looking into another pair. I feel like I almost have to go with two different ones as I go from running and working out, to day to day running around, to hiking/camping/etc. and I didn't get the feel that there was one solution.

My initial thought is to get a pair of Trek Sports for hiking/camping/around and Komodo for running/working out

What do you think?

  • This might be too little too late, but I just made the same consideration this past week of Trek Sport vs Bikila vs Komodo. I have owned a pair of sprints for about 8 months, and ran in them last fall 2-3 days per week. I decided to buy a pair of VFFs for running only, so I went to try on all three of the models above. Although the upper on the Komodo was the most comfortable of the three, what I noticed was that they all fit very differently (my foot measures 11 inches, so a 44 was the size the charts indicated). I ended up with the Bikila because it fit best, but I would recommend that you try to find a retailer which has all three of these in stock and try them on.

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  • I run everyday in my TrekSports...really can't think of anything that they wouldn't be good for wearing to do. I chose them specifically because they are so multi-purpose. I wanted them primarily for running...but I wanted a pair that would work just as well on a trail as on the streets of my neighborhood, and I have not been disappointed.

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