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Bikila owners: How are they holding up?

posted about 8 years ago | Report

First off, I love my Bikilas! They are everything I wanted them to be and more (except the color--I had wanted the bright pink/orange ones and ended up with the grey/green ones).

I've been running in them for about 2 months now and I've got somewhere around 75 miles on them. I've noticed the tread is already wearing flat in places around the bottom of toes and upper metatarsal area, so it doesn't seem likely I'm going to get 300 miles out of them.

More distressingly, there is a spot on the left big toe where the upper is delaminating from the outsole and there is a small opening there. I've heard reports of delamination issues with the Bikilas from salespeople around town, so this appears to be a recent trend.

Knowing Vibram, I'm assuming it has to do with ramped up production due to high demand and eventually any manufacturing defects will be worked out and minimized.

I'll probably just shoe goo the delam for now because I waited over 6 weeks for these babies to come in, but I hope my next pair doesn't suffer the same fate.

How are yours holding up?

  • Got about 50 or so miles on my blue and yellow ones, got the same sole wear as you, not any troubles other than the plastic on the toes coming up a little bit. Luckily I haven't had any trouble with the delaminating of the fabric from the sole thank god.

    posted about 8 years ago | Report

  • I have about 180 miles on mine so far and have had no issues with them at all. I even wash them in the washing machine once a week. I couldn't be happier! My wear seems to be in the same places you've stated, but looks to me like i could get another 150 in them. I am hoping to nail down another pair by Christmas so I can rotate them.....


    posted about 8 years ago | Report

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