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Peanut Allergy

posted about 7 years ago | Report

As I'm going whole hog into ultras this year, I've run into one major stumbling point. Peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter crackers. Nuts. Crackers. Chips. Any and all of these can contain nuts or may have been contaminated with the peanut butter sandwiches next to them.

I know they are a staple at ultra aid stations, but is there anything else I can use as a fuel substitute? Any tips on how to avoid these treats?

I've been doing well at taking gels and sport drinks for my liquid fuel, but I'd like to look into something more solid. Obviously I can eat potato chips and pretzels, but certain brands have nuts and it's hard to read labels while you're running a race. And obviously I'd like to avoid packing around my own food as I run.

And to make things even more complicated, I'm allergic to more than just nuts. The list includes poultry (chicken, turkey, etc.), gourds (pumpkin, squash, etc.), and a few fruits (peaches, nectarines, etc.).

So there's your challenge. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • I would say reach out to the race director prior to the race. The guys that run the Aravaipa Running are so nice, I would be surprised if they didn't come up with an idea or solution. Good luck - tough deal to have allergies like that.

    posted over 5 years ago | Report

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