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Should I listen to podcasts during marathon?

asked about 7 years ago | Report

I usually use an iShuffle to fight boredom during long runs (several podcasts I love). But not sure whether to wear headphones or not during upcoming marathon. Should I embrace the full experience (so no iShuffle) or stick with routine and have handy distraction from the pain on hand (so run with iShuffle)?

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  • My general advise for your marathon is be prepared. My first (and so far only) marathon was the Disney. There was so much going on between supporters, entertainers, and of course the park that I was glad I wasn't in my own worl listening to headphones. However that doesn't appear to be the case with all races. If you don't mind having your shuffle on you, you can always bring it and have it available.

    Another factor for me was comfort. After a particularly difficult run, my headphones are the first thing I pull off. Even though I only ran without music when my batteries died, I also figured I would be happier without the extra stuff attached to me once I got to the unknown territory past 20 mi.

    Speaking of batteries, I saw a lot of people pulling their headphones off and sticking them in pockets and fanny packs while saying their batteries were dead. Depending on how early you need to be there, you may want to listen to something to calm your nerves or pump you up. Make sure you have enough battery for that PLUS your projected time. Otherwise your tiny shuffle will turn into a brick when you REALLY won't want to be carrying anything extra.

    Hope that helps and good luck!

    answered about 7 years ago |Report

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