Coffee and Hot Weather Running?

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Has anyone given up coffee during hot weather running? I love my coffee, but I also realize it is a diuretic. I can't drink it before my morning run, because it often creates GI issues. I do drink a couple of large cups however, after my morning run. I'm thinking it may work against hydrating my system again after I've lost so much fluid via perspiration. As much as I love it, I'm considering giving it up, at least until fall.


  • Recent studies have shown moderate coffee consumption does not have a diuretic effect. You might keep it to one or two cups a day during the heat, but no need to stop over hydration concerns. During the week, I run in the evening. I try to do at least one morning run each weekend so my body is adjusted to run at any time of day. When I do those morning run, I wait on the coffee until after running do the effect on core temperature.

    posted almost 6 years ago

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