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I've been checking this site out for about a month now and like it so far. I've been looking for a site that can track multiple sports (Running, lifting, hiking, horseback riding, boating, etc.) as well as health and nutrition. Started out using DM and GC (, I use a Forerunner 305) and found that I liked both of them. Just started using a week or so ago for the health and nutrition part.

So after a month I decided to post something and respond to people. I figure I'll continue to use DM and wanted to get more connected.

I'm working on getting my pace back and overall fitness level up, going for a couple 5k's and probably my first half marathon this year after taking some time off. It's hard with a busy schedule, but you make the time.

Will be nice to see what we can do in 2011!

  • I'm also new to site. I'm training for a half marathon now and may pick up a few shorter races throughout the year. I have been running off and on for a few years now, but really started taking it a bit more seriously this past September.

    posted over 7 years ago

  • I've using DM for a month or so now myself. Glad you decided to stick around.

    posted over 7 years ago

  • I took 2 years off...well not off completely, but I was basically not consistent about running from 2008-2010. Before that, I was doing triathlons and a bunch of running events. My pace went from 9min/mile to about a 10:30 and running that was really hard!! I joined a running group that met on Wednesday nights just to do a track workout. In about 8 weeks, I was running a 9:30 pace. Since then, I've PR'ed in a couple of 5K's. If you are looking to get your pace back...I would definitely recommend those track workouts with a running group. Good luck!!

    posted over 7 years ago

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