Awesome app- Endomondo

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I found this for free for my blackberry. I turn the GPS mode on and it tracks my speed, time and distance. I'll listen to music on my phone or pandora (app free, $36 to listen to it add-free for a year), and endomondo will pause my music to let me know when I hit 1k and then continue my music.

It was REALLY helpful, otherwise I just sort of keep going and I feel like I have forever to go

  • yeah I used it today for the first time through bberry app world...its superb and for ppl like me who do not appreciate complicated technology, its perfect :-)

    posted over 8 years ago | edited over 8 years ago

  • The Nike+ app does that and whole lot more.

    posted over 7 years ago

  • adidas micoach is similar. gives a google map of your route when done, too.

    posted over 7 years ago

  • Endomondo allows to track heart rate even if you train indoors. Others don't seem to support this feature. Maybe Nike+?

    posted almost 6 years ago

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