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I'm having trouble increasing the frequency of my workouts. When I do work out, it feels awesome now and I'm routinely running (slowly) for 30-40 minutes on top of weights or abs. But I'm still having a hard time getting to 3 times a week vs. twice a week. For background, I'm a veterinarian and though I am scheduled for certain hours, the nature of the job means that I often leave an hour or two after the clinic closes, which means it's 8-10 PM and then I usually have to be up at 7 AM the next day. I also have a 40 minute commute home.

This weekend I worked Friday and Saturday night and both nights left work late, and yesterday I was all dozy from daylight savings so I didn't go on a run even though it was my day off and I should have. I was making all sorts of excuses, like "well, there's a lot of stoplights in the neighborhood so I can't get a good rhythm going" or "I don't feel like taking an hour and a half to do that and shower."

Thoughts on how to beat the mental game, especially since I am having such a good time when I *do* work out? I have 1-3 days off a week and sometimes I have a hard time making myself work off on my day off.

  • For me, it helps to start with a goal and build a schedule around the goal. That way it becomes a routine and it harder for me to just skip a day. But I don't have the schedule challenge that you do, so it's easier for me. Good luck!

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I faced a similar problem last year when I started running. My schedule and commute made fitting any kind of exercise into my week extremely difficult.

    What it took was a complete change in my day. I basically started getting up earlier every day, even when I didn't need to. That way my body was used to getting up at that hour. I then planned a run 4 days week and kept at it consistently. Now, it's second nature and quite often feels wrong when I try to skip a run.

    It was not an easy change, there is no question. But for the long term, it was the only way that worked for me.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    posted almost 6 years ago

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