Which GPS/HRM should I buy?

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I have owned a Polar HRM for years and love it. It is basic, easy and just gives me the info I want. The parameters are easy to change and I dont need an instruction booklet.

Today I went for a crappy Nike+ told me I ran 3.8 miles and when I checked my pace it kept saying between 8.30 - 9.10 so I knew it was wrong but thought it might be half a mile wrong...turns out it was 1 mile wrong...thats it - I have had enough, I NEED a GPS watch!!

But which one??
I need GPS, HRM with upper and lower limits, calorie burn, exercise time, in zone time and it might be nice (in the future) to be able to time splits.
Is there anything else I would need to be on there??
Any suggestions which one to buy or not to buy??
What are your experiences??

  • I always begin by saying you can't go wrong with Garmin. Then I say go to to see what hands on testing has to say about all the products you may be interested in getting.

    I have started using HRM as the basis of most my training. Hardware is Garmin 610, I find it very intuitive and easy to set for the workouts as the goals change. It works well both on and off the bike, it is not duathlon or triathlon friendly, so be aware if either of these are in your future. Software I use is Firstbeat Calorie burn appears to be very accurate, and tracking time in zone is a piece of cake.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • If your GPS didn't work because you don't have good satellite coverage you may want to look at an accelerometer. Tech4o makes really good accelerometers and they have some that include HR, compasses for trail running and altimeters for elevation. The nice thing about an accelerometer is that you can use it on a treadmill also. Timex (Run Trainer 2.0), Garmin, Soleus (GPS 3.0), Polar and Suunto (Ambit2 S) all have good GPS watches with HR capability. We have plenty at in all of these categories.

    posted over 5 years ago

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