New to DM and looking for friends

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to Daily Mile and fairly new to running. I participated in a beginning running program and ran my first 5K in May, but after that my motivation kind of petered out, so now I'm trying to get back in it. I think being here and having an online community will help keep me motivated and accountable, which is a huge thing for me.

I also recently moved to New York (City) and am looking for a running community/running group so that I can get advice on good routes to run outside so I'm not always stuck on a treadmill. Also, it's so much more fun running with friends :)

Any advice, motivation or friend requests (I'm shameless) would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey Rayna, FR sent :-)

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Hey Rayna, welcome :)

    Friendly bunch on here and really supportive :)

    Ahh I don't know if you have one in your area but I've found a event called Parkrun. Google them see i in your area :)

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Way to go on your 5K and welcome to DM. I've found the people on this site to be fill of motivation. Maybe if you set a new goal for yourself that might help? I've found treadmills to be pretty boring and avoid them like planter facitis;)

    FR sent.

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Hi Rayna, fairly new to DM too but none-the-less have found many great new friends and awesome inspiration and motivation on this site!!! I'm sure you will too! Will send FR!

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Shameless FRs on daily mile are totally the norm! That's how we get many of our friends! A great way to keep motivation, I've found, is to sign up for another 5K...or HEYYYY, get crazy...maybe a 10K...(ooooooo!) It keeps your eyes on a prize and gives you something to look forward to (a new t-shirt!) You can look up the event on Dailly Mile and see who else is running in it and friend them (shamelessly, of course.) I usually message people first, letting them know how I found them, then send a FR right after (I don't wait for a response to my msg.)

    FR sent, Rayna. Welcome to DM!

    posted over 5 years ago

  • I'm brand new on DM too - FR sent, Rayna!

    posted over 5 years ago

  • FR sent, welcome to DM! People here are very nice and supportive, I think it makes all the difference. Depending on what kind of phone you have you can download certain apps that will sync up miles that you input throughout the day.

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Welcome and FR sent :-) Anyone feel free to add me too...always looking for extra motivation!

    posted over 5 years ago

  • Hi Rayna i`m just a little bit far ..jajaja I live in Caracas, but i`m you order to share my results in this new way to manage the live with the sports. Regards.

    posted over 5 years ago

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