New to running/DM; wanted to say hey :D

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Whatsup DM members, just wanted to say hey.
I'm Charley, I'm also 18, and let me tell ya, around here not many people my age are into running, a few people maybe in track at my HS but they are in it for the competition, I just like to run for the sake of running.
I'm new to running, well not new EXACTLY, I've always liked running, but I never did cause well it was WEIRD ya know? At my age I was 'supposed' to be playing video games or something. I still ran though, usually only the approx ~1KM to school every day and back.
I'm new to running more seriously/regularly though, and am very much enjoying it :D, although I'm in horrible shape but I'm getting better, as an example; since starting running regulary since about a couple of months ago, my legs have NEVER been tired or sore afterwards. Why? my heart/lungs give out LONG before my legs are done :O I'll get there though :)

I always run barefoot, I know that is an area of great debate, but w/e, I say just do what works for you, and barefoot running is more comfortable for me and it feels great, plus I used to have problems where sometimes after I would run I would get like this pain in the bottom of my foot on the arch (w/e you call that) and it would hurt for a few days, since I started running barefoot - doesn't happen. Coincidence? Quite possibly. But it works for me for now.

Oh wow that was a bit of a ramble XD sorry.
Anyways just wanted to say hey, I joined this site cause hopefully looking for a bit of encouragement and to talk with people who actually like running of which I don't know anybody as of yet :/

Anyways, peace

  • Hey Charley... welcome to DM.

    Do you have any personal goals you'd like to share? A certain distance you'd like to achieve? Pace? possibly a race?

    Most runners here have a goal in mind, then of course once we achieve it... we find another goal... Dangling a carrot in front of us keeps us moving forward :)

    And no debate on barefoot running. Our ancestors did it! Personally it isn't for me.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Hi, Charley,

    Nice to "meet" you... A bit about me. I'm 35, an English professor and writer, and I have a 14-month old son. I've run a few 5Ks, and have been working on increasing distance. Today was my first day hitting 10K :-)

    I just sent you a Friend Request!

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Welcome and FR sent :)

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I love your story about how you always liked running but didn't because it was weird. I like it because you decided to go with your gut and just run! Isn't it great when you really want to do something that is actually good for you and then you finally do it, it's like a guilty pleasure that is NOT guilty at all! Good for you girl!

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Sent you a friend request if you don't mine being friends with a 40 year old mom. =P But I'm new to running as well and also run barefoot.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Good for you for bucking the trend of your peers and picking up running.

    I've sent you a FR.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Welcome Charley! Friend request sent :)

    posted almost 6 years ago

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