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Hello I'm a busy college student looking to get back into running regularly. I'm at school or one of my two jobs for around 85 hours a week, so I would love some motivation. After finals I'm gonna start slow with a C25K program. I would love a few DM friends- other beginners or college students would be great but I could use advice from more experienced runners as well! Thanks for listening.

  • Welcome and FR sent! Anyone feel free to add me as well. I can always use the motivation :)

    posted about 4 years ago

  • WOW! Thats quite the weekly workload! Good luck with the C25K Program and the rest of your training. FR on the way!

    posted about 4 years ago

  • Hi Kayla, I am also a college student ( last semester) I work full time and have three boys under the age of 13. You can do this! Motivation coming your way.

    posted about 4 years ago

  • I am also a college student (seems never ending) and I have a six (almost seven) and four year old. You can do this as long as you have support and you will get it here!! Good luck FR sent!

    posted about 4 years ago

  • I'm a professor, and it's not any easier on this side of the podium. I just ran my first 5K on Saturday, and it was a blast! Keep working at it and making the time! FR sent!

    posted about 4 years ago

  • Hi,
    I am no longer in college, but when I was I was also working two job and managed to run several times a can definitely be done =) Sending a friend request

    posted about 4 years ago

  • C
    C Sendmail

    I'm both a beginner and a college student! C25K is super helpful. Sent you a FR!

    posted about 4 years ago

  • Hey Kayla! I feel you - I'm "taking a year off" from undergrad but still taking classes and working two part time jobs. I started running about 6 months ago and I totally understand how hard it is to balance hours of exercise with sooo much work! Good luck with finals!! College is an awesome time to start running. :)

    posted almost 5 years ago

  • Also a college student. I started running last summer and did my first couple races for St. Patrick's day this year. I'll be a senior as soon as finals week is over :) FR sent!

    posted almost 4 years ago

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