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Knee Pains When I Extend My Leg

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I've been working out consistently with no knee pains. This morning after my workout I went to work. As I was walking to the office door I felt a sharp pain in my knee. Sharp and painful. So I stopped and let the pain run its course. At this point I could not extend my leg so I took my time and tried to straighten my legs slowly. I was finally able to straighten my leg but I noticed that it clicked or popped. Cant tell which one since I was in so much pain.
Now I notice that everytime I try to straighten my leg I fell pressure in my knee, which in turn feels very painful. My knee is not swollen, so I have no idea what is going on. I can touch and grab my knee without feeling pain. It only hurts when I straighten it and then try to walk. After the first couple of steps it stops. Im very concerned.

  • I would go see a sports med doc to have them look at it so you can treat it sooner rather then later and know what is wrong so you know where to go. Also so you don't cause more damage if it is an issue you need to take care of and rest.

    posted over 8 years ago

  • Hello, I have exactly the same problem as you, i dont really do much excercise but a long time ago i twisted my knee, which wasn't actually that painful, and since then (5 years) i have been experiencing the same problem as you. Most of the time it doesnt bother me, it kinda comes and goes, i usually just fiddle about with my knee cap and try and bend my knee and twist it, untill whatever is happening in there goes back to normal. But today when i woke up it had attacked me again, i cannot fully extend my leg as it is too painful, when my leg is bent inwards its totally fine, just when trying to extend it, even worse when i put my body weight on it. Any way, i decided to go to the hospital, they carried out a series of tests by twisting my leg in all sorts of directions to try and find out where the pain was coming from, the nurse suggested it was a lateral or co-lateral ligament, but i disagreed with her and said that the pain was coming kinda from under my knee cap, at the bottom and to the side abit, so she called in a doctor for a second opinion, the doctor said it wasnt my ligaments. I can touch and prod any part of my knee and it doesnt hurt. Sooo, they took me for an xray, and surprise surprise, everything seemed normal, my bones are fine too. So basically they said they didnt know what the problem was and have referred me to a specialist, its likely that they will do some kind of camera surgery they said. Iam gunna try and have play with my leg tonight, like i said before, sometimes you can wiggle it about and whatever it happening goes back to normal. Personally, i feel like something is trapped, and thats why i cant extend my leg, and if i try, it feels like its stretching until the pain is too unbearable. Good Luck... Mike

    posted over 8 years ago

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