Pain in the right collar bone/shoulder area

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When I run I have been having pain in the shoulder area, closer to the collar bone on the right side. I thought it might be because I tensed my shoulders while running so I concentrated on keeping my shoulders relaxed but I still have some pain. Anyone had anything similar? Any solutions/stretches?

  • I have this...very strange sensation, because why would your shoulder start aching when you run (and not, say, swim?)

    This kicks in every-so-often for me, about a mile or so into my runs...I just make a mental note to RELAX everything - I lightly touch my middle finger to my thumb in my right hand and try alternating my arm movements - sometimes i swing them more, sometimes less. I then focus on my breathing and take deeper breaths. Eventually it goes away.

    posted about 7 years ago

  • I get pain in my shoulder and center back (between the shoulder blades) from, primarily, tensing up when I run. Especially, if I start clenching my fists while I run. So, I work consciously to relax those muscles while running.

    posted about 7 years ago

  • Do you work at a computer a lot? I actually just finished recovering from pain in my shoulders that was a cause of too much sitting hunched over a computer at work. It started out on my back between my shoulder blades. It was really tight so it made me run with my shoulder more tensed up and then it started hurting near my collar bone and shoulder quite a bit - especially when I took deep breaths. Sports massage really helped it.

    posted about 7 years ago

  • Yes! Totally agree with Bo.
    I make sure my forearms aren't twisted. Thumbs should be gently resting on your fist and moving upwards, not facing sideways. Also- check when you are running that you aren't holding your arm/s out at an angle from your body. Try and run so that your hands and arms are aligned and swinging past your hips, not across your front. Tiny little movements can make a big difference in the strain pains you might feel!

    posted about 7 years ago

  • Another problem (for women at least) is that you might need a new sports bra or more/less support because it puts pressure on your shoulders and causes them to tense up.

    posted about 7 years ago

  • my pt told me it's a stitch and I believe it is.

    posted almost 7 years ago

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