Quick Onset Knee Pain.

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I'm hoping that someone has some insight or suggestions on what to do about a new knee problem that developed suddenly. I was on a run last night and at mile 3 my knee starting having some discomfort, by mile 4 I had to stop because I was changing my form to compensate. There was nothing out of the ordinary on the run and I didn't feel a twist or anything that could have set this pain into motion. This is my left knee which I have never had problems with, and I have had IT issues with my right knee awhile back and this is not the same. It was a sudden onset and it's hard to explain but it feels like there is a catch under and behind my knee cap. It doesn't hurt at rest but at certain angles and pressures it has sharp pains. I can't use stairs normally or worst of all run. Even at certain positions in my walking I get the pain and buckling of my knee. I'm just perplexed at what could have happened so quickly. I have iced it and stretched. Does this sound familiar to anyone and what is the best remedy? I'm hoping rest does the trick but if it's not better in a few days I'm going to see my doc.

  • Hi Dawn! I've recently started to have some knee pain, but mine is most likely due to over doing it a bit recently. Have you increased your distance recently?

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  • Dawn that sounds very similar to the pain I had/have. I rested, iced, stretched and went to the physio but it didn't improve. I had an MRI (expensive but worth doing as a CT scan would not have picked up even possibility) and they found pes anserine bursitis, near full thickness lateral femorak condular ulcer, prominent medial plica and a bit of MFC condral thinning. Physiotherapy alone hasn't worked so I had a cortisone injection last Tuesday in the bursitis area and if it doesn't work the sports med doctor will consider surgery to address the plica and trim the ulcer. While I am not saying your problem is the same I am trying to stress that knees and knee pain can be complicated and not to put off seeing a doctor or specialist as to do so, as I did, just increases the rehab and recovery time. Best of luck and I hope that it proves to be nothing that can't be rectified swiftly.

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  • Thanks Tracy. I hope your knee gets better soon and that you can avoid surgery. What perplexes me the most is that I have had no trouble with it AT ALL until last nights run and it came on so suddenly. I know it sounds crazy but it feels like tissue has lodged in the wrong spot and is being pinched at certain bending angles. Hyper extension and just particular bending positions. Otherwise absolutely no pain. I can't do stairs or run and I'm even straight-legging my walking today. I will see my doc (friend of mine) Thursday if it's not improving.

    posted almost 6 years ago

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