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Allison S.
IT Band issues...again.Posted in Injury - 4 years ago112052Allison S. over 3 years ago
Katie S.
I just ran a trail marathon and feel a lot of soreness on the top of my left foot. Has anyone experienced this before?Asked in Injury - 4 years ago41568Joe H. almost 5 years ago
Ray E.
Bad Knees!Posted in Injury - 9 years ago129216Darren V. almost 5 years ago
Hip PainPosted in Injury - 4 years ago21177Adrian almost 5 years ago
Allison S.
Possibly IT Band?Posted in Injury - 5 years ago103021Joe H. almost 5 years ago
Allison S.
Pro-Tec IT band strapPosted in Injury - 4 years ago21699Allison S. almost 5 years ago
Brad A.
Pain on the top of my footAsked in Injury - 4 years ago5133419Aidan F. almost 5 years ago
Knee pain, not sure what exactly.Asked in Injury - 5 years ago52046Douglas S. about 5 years ago
Debra H.
Coming back from Stress Reacation--What did you feel?Posted in Injury - 5 years ago11484Gwyn about 5 years ago
Kate T.
Chronic hamstring ...Posted in Injury - 5 years ago71368Gil R. about 5 years ago
Elizabeth C.
Shin pain (mid-tibia) even after 3 months of no running (but elliptical allowed).Asked in Injury - 5 years ago11938Beth B. about 5 years ago
Jean A.
Cuboid Bone Fracture, when to return.Posted in Injury - 5 years ago23063Jean A. about 5 years ago
Andrea J.
Stress reaction (swelling on the bone)Posted in Injury - 5 years ago42695Debra H. about 5 years ago
Lisa J.
Inversion therapy for bulging discPosted in Injury - 5 years ago42885Lisa J. about 5 years ago
Wade L.
How soon should I race again after a knee injury?Asked in Injury - 5 years ago11253Kris B. about 5 years ago