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IM 70.3 question

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Hi there!

I want to do a half IM next year. I'm wondering if anyone has insight on which ones are the best (EAST COAST-ish). We don't mind a long drive but I don't want to fly.

My husband is doing Eagleman coming up here so that's the only one I don't think I want to do. However, swimming is my weakest spot so I would have more fun if I'm not doing one with a really difficult swim course.

Thanks in advance!

  • Timberman in NH is an excellent event it's in august. beautiful lake swim, rolling hills on the bike except for 2 nasty suckers at mile 15 and 40. more hills on the run. well organized and well done but do fear like most WTC events it is getting crowded w/ too many racers.

    does it have to be a 70.3?
    the folks at REV3 put on an interesting race or two like the one at an amusement park in sandusky ohio in sept. supposedly very flat and fast. I haven't done it but it looks very interesting

    REV3 quassy is also a half ironman in an amusement park but have heard the course is 'challening' it is in CT. also has a good reputation as a well organized race

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  • The local one here (Eastern MA) is the Patriot Half Iron. As Joe mentioned, there is the Timberman, and there is also the Mooseman - but those are sanctioned by Ironman and thus cost a lot more. The Patriot is done by a local group (, so it's a bit cheaper. People seem to come from several states away for it.
    It's also a very nice course - some rolling hills but overall pretty flat.

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  • Jan
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    Would you be ok with an ocean swim? My friend has done the Outer Banks Triathlon Oly but they have a 1/2 IM, too. Its in mid/late September. Nice place to visit while you're knocking yourself out!
    Good luck finding a race you can get excited about!

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  • if you wanna stay local Quakerman in sept at lake nockamixon and diamondman are both good events both are pond swims. quakerman is hillier but not as a good as i remember timberman being

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  • My first half iron was the Beach2Battleship Half in Wilmington, NC in 2010. I chose it because I was most nervous about the swim at the time, and in this race you swim with the current(!!) and in the bay, so you're extra buoyant. It also has flat bike and run courses, and it's at the beach, which is nice! It's not an "Ironman" series event, but it was a well-run, really nice event. I highly recommend it!

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  • Thank you everyone! I'll look into all of those suggestions. I'm open to all of those locations. I just have to work out a date.

    It doesn't have to be an IM event for this first try but I do think I would like to do one of them someday :).

    Thank again!

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  • Ironman and Rev3 sites should give a number of options. I don't know much about something with "Diamond" or Pumpkinman, but may be worth checking out at least. B2B is flat, but can depend on the tide. They try to time it, but sometimes they can't do anything. Course is flat, but there can be weather.

    It's hard to say for sure a swim will be difficult or not, but generally they try to find calm bodies of water, or have it go predominantly (or completely) downstream if in a river. Larger bodies of water that are in wind prone areas (like the ocean) tend to have more waves and therefore more difficult swims. That's about the best you can do. Eagleman is one example. Swim times can vary by 10 minutes or a little more because of this.

    Anything about how hard the bike & run can be? Quassy was mentioned, but it has a bike & run that are rather difficult. Difficult enough that you do want to care. For another example of this, Savageman typically has a short/fast swim, but the bike breaks 6,000 ft of ascending and is one of the hardest courses in existence because of that.

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