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September 8th I'm entering my first half Ironman. August 12th there's an olympic triathlon I'm thinking about entering because it falls on my birthday. Is this too close to the Ironman?

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  • 4 weeks? you'll be fine. You may need to decide the relative importance of each race in your schedule. As if you want your birthday Oly to be a race where you go your fastest, then you'll want to taper for that. However, tapering 6w to 4w out from your HIM is sub optimal.

    If you're OK with just running the Oly at whatever pace you can, then stick with your current training plan, perhaps take a couple easy days prior to the Oly and then go for it.

    It will still be a little sub optimal in your fatigue management, as 3-4w out from the HIM you'll be in a fatigue state, when you should be maximizing your volume, but regardless, you'll be fully recovered by September 8th.

    it's a good plan. enjoy your races.

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