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Ashley A.
Training for 1st Half Marathon! Looking for motivation/tips/friends!Posted by Ashley A. - 1 year ago15673Ashley A. over 1 year ago
Samantha R.
Increasing distancePosted by Samantha R. - 1 year ago4269Samantha R. over 1 year ago
Sara J.
Show us your marathon/running tattoos!Posted by Sara J. - 5 years ago7786779Dean N. over 1 year ago
Sara R.
What kind of Garmin do you guys use?Posted by Sara R. - 2 years ago453834Marc F. over 1 year ago
Samantha G.
Anyone in/near Rishon LeZion, Israel???Posted by Samantha G. - 1 year ago1432Jami G. over 1 year ago
Denny F.
Treadmill Running Bad or GoodPosted by Denny F. - 1 year ago113473Gil R. over 1 year ago
Stephanie B.
Looking for good treadmill with declinePosted by Stephanie B. - 2 years ago2793Gil R. over 1 year ago
Tanya D.
First time marathonerPosted by Tanya D. - 1 year ago12822Tanya D. over 1 year ago
Tanya D.
Marathon TrainingPosted by Tanya D. - 1 year ago2322Tanya D. over 1 year ago
Gatorade vs Food/GelsPosted by Victoria - 1 year ago41204Rina M. over 1 year ago
Anthony Michael H.
I RAN 10K TODAY! HOLY $#!+!!Posted by Anthony Michael H. - 1 year ago181340Jim O. over 1 year ago
Merrell M.
Minimalist shoesPosted by Merrell M. - 1 year ago14947Seth H. over 1 year ago
Dean N.
London MarathonPosted by Dean N. - 1 year ago0247-
Jim H.
Quit Smoking and having a hard time breathing.Posted by Jim H. - 1 year ago21027Jay P. over 1 year ago
Phil S.
Looking for motivation!Posted by Phil S. - 1 year ago3352Jennifer B. over 1 year ago