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Sports Beans vs. Regular Jelly Beans

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Is there a big difference?

Also, that's all I've used so far, other than Gatorade, in fueling long runs. Is there a benefit to going the GU/gel route? Any recommendations?

  • Most of these products are basically the same from a nutritional perspective. The variance is mostly in proportions and flavors. Which means it comes down to personal preferences.

    As to the differences between a sports beverage and the beans... they have distinct purposes... though the sports beverage and do double duty whereas the beans can't. (Beverages also hydrate whereas beans can't).

    The key to choosing is knowing what you need when you're going long distance. If you need more calories than water... the beans or similar dense sports nutrition products are perfect to providing dense calories. If you need lots more water than the calories then sports beverages might be the way to go. There's lots of options in between so... its really a personal preference.

    For me the Gels are fine but most taste pretty funky... The beans don't work well for me. Protein bites are better but, I definitely need liquid to get them down. What it comes down to is what you like and what works for you. we're all just a little different in our preferences and needs.

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  • I prefer GU or Cliffbloks before a run. Each 45 min into the run I take another GU. The bloks don't work as well for me while running as I have a hard time chewing and breathing at the same time. lol The GU just sort of melts down. Many people I know can't stand GU.
    For me, gatorade has way too much sugar. I prefer a tablet I can drop in, like NUUN for the electrolytes.
    There are many products out there. Find what works for you. I believe it does make a difference on the longer runs.

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  • I have a Gatorade pre workout packet before my long runs. Love it. I then do a Cliff Shot about half way into my run. I have done the sports beans and they really did nothing for me other than wet the whistle as they are tasty I felt Gu did not do much for me either.

    I am mainly just playing with things now to see what I like but for the remainder of my half training I will carry but probably not use anything as I want the muscles to not be used to that boost only to have them really benefit when I do race day (at least that is the thought, not sure if it will really work.. lol)

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  • On the jelly bean question, I'm going to have to disagree with Bo. They are quite different if you simply read the label. I just so happen to have some Sports Beans handy and the nutritional info states:

    Serving size: 28g
    Calories: 100
    Sodium: 80mg
    Potassium: 40mg
    Carbs: 25g

    Compare that to your garden variety jelly beans & you'll likely find zero or very low sodium and ditto potassium. The regular Jelly Belly beans have, as I recall, something like 15g sodium and I don't recall the potassium. I just left a CVS where I did a little comparo. I picked up some Jolly Rancher jelly beans for giggles and with a 40g serving they have 65mg of sodium but no potassium.

    For a local century bike ride I did last year, they had GU at the aid stations and found them to work excellent as has been my experience with Hammer Gels. For long bike rides I like Hammer Perpeteum in Orange/Vanilla. Excellent taste and great at sustaining one during fairly intense exercise in my experience.

    As for "bloks" I found the Clif version to be way too tough to chew during exercise but the Honey Stinger version work great and much easier to chew.

    And while I'm at it, speaking of Gatorade, I know many folks don't care for their products but that Recovery 03 product does a great job if you take it right after a long run or bike ride.

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  • Drink: Cold brewed white tea with lemon and cloves
    Energy/GU: Roctane, dates, dried fruit
    Lytes: Suceed S!Caps

    Nothing new on race day!!

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  • On my long rides I use Hammer Sustained Energy (flavorless which actually tastes like oatmeal) mixed with Hammer Heed (mandarin orange) which is not as sweet and I can keep it down.

    I am still figuring out my runs I have tried the GU Gels not a fan of tough to stomach as it goes down took that first then midway through my run I used the sports beans and was able to deal with those pretty easy would chew on them and then let sit for a bit and chew again. they really worked well for me on the 14.5 run. Did have plenty of water.

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  • I will tell you this: Bottom line is you need to do what works for YOU. What I do, might not work for you, and what you do, might not work for me.

    I take nothing if running under an hour except water.
    Over an hour but less than 2, I do Gatorade
    Marathon or Ultra I use GU every 45 mins and gatorade every other water stop. If they have food at the later stops, I eat ( love pb&j's)
    I also take a bag or 2 of gummy bears or life saver gummies with me for a little treat.

    I tried the Sports Beans, but for the price, didn't think they did much for me. So that is how I got to the gummy stuff.
    I really like the gels during long runs. They are small, easy to carry with you and they pack a lot of energy in them. The issue with them is finding a flavor or two that you like. Try them during your training. REMEMBER THIS!!! NEVER try something new during an event, because you don't know how it will effect you.

    The best advice I can give you is play around with different things during your training runs. Find what YOU like the best, and works the way you want. Once you figure that out, then work on timing, when and how often you need or want it.

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