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Foot falling asleep while running?

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Have any of you ever experienced your feet sort of falling asleep while running? The last couple runs my right foot, near my toes, has been a little tingly, like they were falling asleep, during my runs. It usually comes on about half way through. I just got new shoes, so maybe that has something to do with it.

Any and all theories welcome!

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  • Often, depending on the shoe. Aisics changed the fit of the Landreth a couple years ago and didn't tell me. It was a much snugger fit over the top of my foot. Felt comfortable when I tried them on in the store, no worries. It didn't hit me until I was out for a longer run that my feet started falling asleep. I switched to Brooks, and my feet woke up.

    posted over 9 years ago

  • Hey Sara -

    I did some research on this a while back, it's not just shoes, check it out:

    posted over 9 years ago | edited over 9 years ago

  • I had a similar numbing happen to me near the end of one of my longer runs. I paid more attention to my lacing, ensuring they weren't too tight in any one spot before my next long run and didn't seem to have any troubles after that.

    Your mileage may vary. (Pun somewhat intended.)

    posted over 9 years ago

  • I used to have my toes fall asleep after about 4 miles. Switched to wider width shoes, 1/2 size bigger than I would get if buying regular shoes. I also use different lacing technique so that the laces run horizontal for the first couple of holes before criss-crossing at midpoint of foot. That relieved it for me. I also get this when my shoes are nearing 300 miles on them and are breaking down.

    posted over 9 years ago

  • I've never had a foot fall asleep while running, but it has happened several times while biking. Usually because the shoe is little tighter than it should be. Definitely an uncomfortable feeling!

    posted over 9 years ago

  • I had this problem as well. I talked with my doctor and he suggested compartment syndrome (google it). It ended up not being that and just stretching in a different way basically cured me (every so often I get it again for about a half mile or so). The stretch that works for me is a yoga position (downward dog) and I just aim to put my heels to the ground. If your feet stay numb though, you may want to get checked for compartment syndrome, which unfortunately, the sever cases require surgery. Good luck

    posted over 8 years ago

  • It happens to me all the time but only on my left foot. I've tried all sorts of shoes too. Thanks for posting this question, perhaps I'll learn something.

    posted over 8 years ago

  • LOL. What do you know. I thought, feet falling asleep is a good thing coz then you don't feel any pain. You learn something everyday :)

    posted over 8 years ago

  • I'm starting to run maybe 20-30 minutes a few times a week. Today my left foot went numb about half way through. I was determined not to stop. My left calf was definitely hurting feeling very sore. I figure they have to be related. I hope this doesn't happen again. Please let me know if you find anything out. Also it is common to have one calf larger than another? I swear my left calf swelled up after brushing against a bush years ago. Bizarre stuff! I thought it was just me.

    posted over 7 years ago

  • in reply to what Kathy S. said:Hey Sara - I did some research on this a while back, it's not just shoes, check it out:

    Great link and just realized this post is over 2 years old! :)

    posted over 7 years ago

  • Man, I hate when that happens. That means that it's going to be up all night! :)

    posted over 7 years ago

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