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Finishing C25K...whats next??? Advice or Recommendations...

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Next week, I will be finishing the C25k program and am wondering what program I should do next. I want to clarify and let you know that I am really slow...I walk at about a 3.2mph and run at a 4.5mph. Because I live in northern New Hampshire, all of my runs so far have been on the treadmill. Once I finish the C25K program I will be taking things outside and on more dirt like trails,

My goal is to run a 5K Mountain Mud Run in July at a ski resort with lots of really steep hills. At first, I was thinking that I should do the 5K-10K program but then I was wondering if I should just repeat the C25K program and try to increase my speed. As a side note, I am doing a little bit of stregnth training on my days off. What would you suggest? If there another program you would recommend to get me in better shape for the mountain run?

  • think it depends what did you think of c25k plan if it worked for you then stick with it. if you thought it was not enough then I think try something more advance whatever you choose pick one with (or add on your own) lots of hill work. good luck and have fun

    posted about 5 years ago

  • First off, Congratulations! I finished the C25K back in Jan-Feb timeframe so I know how much work that is. Since then I have been looking at different plans but haven't found the one I wanted to do. I have been just trying to get runs in each week (3-4 times, varying from 2 miles to close to 4). My goal is to increase my mileage to the 10K range but didn't want to cause an injury with my first 5k coming up next week.

    With all that said, people had advised me that to continue to put in the miles that my times would get faster and they have. I am definitely not fast at all but it has been a huge improvement from where I started out. Guess my biggest advice is to keep going at whatever you liike. I don't know if I would do the full C25K again (just because of all the walking times) but maybe adjust some of those to slow jogs instead.

    Great job and Good Luck!!

    posted about 5 years ago

  • Thanks so much for the advice and support. It sounds stupid but finishing is a huge accomplishment for me as I tend to start a lot of things but lose interest rather quickly.

    I have to say that these last two weeks of C25K have been kinda boring for me...I really liked the running then walking, it seemed to change things up a bit. I am on week 9 and have started increasing my speed every 5 me it adds alot. It's also helping to increase my distance.

    A year and a half ago I weighed I weigh 125lbs! I would love to be able to take all the credit for the weight loss but I was very sick last year and had to have chemo which is a big chunk of the weight loss. Now that I am feeling a bit better I don't want to go back to the weight I was and want to stay active.

    Your advice and support is greatly appreciated.

    posted about 5 years ago

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