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Water Only+

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I used to always drink only (water) during my long runs, and also during my Marathons. Plus I never used any Gels.

I always ate good during the week, and just like my long runs drank mostly water to stay well hydrated prior to doing my goal 20/milers or Marathons. I never had any problems doing that clocking between (7.30 - 8.00) for most of my longs runs, which was always my goal pace. Plus I did ok in the 10/Marathons I finished.

Also I usually ate good after my long runs. I rarely ever ate anything before. I always had a good meal the night before, and that seemed to always work for me.

I simply want to know what works for you. Plus feel free to give your opinions to others on (Water Only).
God Bless..+ Jimmy. ( =

  • I have used a combination of everything. i think it comes down to what you are comfortable with and what the race will allow. Sometimes there is simply no time to get another gel or a different drink. Right now I am a fan of TailWind Nutrition b/c it combines everything in one product. But again. just a preference thing....example, during winter i prefer gels b/c I consume less water, but during the summer I prefer the mix stuff (Vitargo or Tailwind) because i do not want to have to throw down a pastey thing in the heat.

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  • Unless Im racing i go just water upto around 4 hrs...after that i need a sandwich or something.. In a race ill fuel for anything longer than about an hour. I will do one pre race practice I use products that im familiar with and that have allways worked for me in the past

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  • I use to take gels like crazy thinking it would help stop my calfs from cramping. However, now on long traing runs I use Endurolyte tabs to keep my electrolytes in line and maybe one gel, no more than two if I am going over 20.

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  • I'm going to try Paul's Endurolytes. S-caps almost made me barf. Water and Cliff shot blocks are not enough for me when going longer than 20.

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  • in reply to what Gil R. said:I'm going to try Paul's Endurolytes. S-caps almost made me barf. Water and Cliff shot blocks are not enough for me when going longer than 20.

    Made by Hammer and available at most running stores

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  • I've been moving more toward just water. For workouts less than 90 min, I seldom drink anything. For marathons, I'll drink between 12-24 oz total of mostly sports drink with water in the later miles. No gels. For ultras, mostly whatever food they have. Usually start with sports drink, but after 12 hours it makes me barf and I switch to water. For ironmans in the past I drank a lot of sports drink. I'm racing one in a month and plan on drinking a lot less than I have previously. I'll drink sports drink on the bike leg, but only to thirst. On the run I'll drink water to thirst with probably a couple gels and whatever food seems appealing. I've never used anything in pill form.

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