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Nausea After Runs

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After longer runs (6mi+), I feel sick a couple hours later. I tried re-fueling better (more hydration, gatorade, and protein food), but I still will wake up in the middle of the night hours after I have finished feeling really sick. LIke if I stand up, its coming up!

Any ideas? Re-fueling tips? Other things I might try or look into? Thanks!

  • I'd look at what you're eating in the time from about 2 hours before your run through an hour after and how you feel at each point. Try avoiding likely culprits (for me it's dairy, even though it's fine any other time).

    You might also try a different electrolyte source instead of Gatorade. Gatorade uses lots of sugar and the electrolytes are all sodium, not potassium or trace minerals. Companies like Gu and Hammer make alternatives that either have zero to no calories or have complex carbohydrates that absorb easier. These products also have a better electrolyte mix, though each is different and you may need to experiment to find what works best in your body.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • agree with the timing and eating/running -- also since this is happening what time are you eating before you go to bed? your stomach needs at least two hours (many people more) to empty out - also exertion and make reflux worse - which in some people the only symptom is nausea -- this could be made worse if you are doing core or anything where you tighten up your abs. you could try something like prilosec complete at bedtime and that might help keep your stomach settled -- it is an over the counter med - but check the label to make sure it doesn't interact with anything else your use (or check with the pharmacist)

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I was having issues after running races (only 5K's so far) I have been building mileage...on my longer runs (so far up to 5 miles) I make sure I am adequately hydrated prior (which I was not doing very well before)...Optimal is for me to eat breakfast at least 2 hours before I go out...and then right after my run I drink a chocolate milk and then within an hour I eat a meal...and then the rest of the day I make sure I eat every 2-3 hours ...each meal consisting of a protein and a carb and I add veggies and fruit. I use Nathan hydration tabs and Nuun....this seems to be working for me..have not had headaches or nausea recently. Would definately mention to your doctor if it continues......

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I usually eat dinner, a full meal, around 5, then run around 7. I usually don't feel bad until I am asleep that night after icing and showers and drinking/eating. Maybe it is reflux. That is a good point. I do have that in general. I try to eat a lot of protein and less carbs. Maybe I need some carbs to settle my stomach before bed.

    Great info on Gatorade. I did not know that. I just buy what's cheap. I guess you really do get what you pay for :)

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • So, yesterday I ran mid day. I had eaten about 2 hours before hand, stopped for a refule mid run, and I was still sick about 1.5 hours later. This time, I did stand up and this time, everything came up! I don't want to run long runs if this is going to keep happening.

    Should I try doing a gatorade (just want to finish my pack) before my run, and then again after the run? I need to get some fule jelly beans or tabs (I can't stomach the thought of gu) for during the race. I don't have a fuel belt, but I place a bottle mid route and stop to refuel.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • so - for the - I cant beleive they want to know that - what are you bringing up when you vomit? what you ate before your run vs what you had after the run? are you diabetic or have you had blood sugar issues and lastly any constipation issues? If you are bringing up what you ate before the run - there is an issue with your stomach not empying/ digesting (this is more common in diabetics but can have other casues - ) you may also be dropping your blood sugar - you can try something simple during runs like eating a couple of gummy bears or jelly beans every 15-20 minutes of your run (start early in the run) or dilute the gatorade by about half and sip it frequently during the run, -again start early in the run - some times a large sugar and or electrolyte load can cause nausea or the stomach to empy slower, --are you getting dehydrated? that also causes nausea. what is the weather like where you run and how much are you sweating?
    and try treating the refux symproms before the run if you are not taking something regularly. And lastly most runners are not constipated - but if this is you treating the constipation often helps the nausea and vommiting - something like miralax is usful (avoid the senna type things)

    posted almost 6 years ago

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