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do I need a running clinic?

posted almost 5 years ago | Report

Hello! Is a running clinic valuable? I’ve been doing Couch to 5K since the spring (slowed down June & July because it was too hot). I can run 20 consecutive mins at about 7 to 8 mins/km, depending on the day. I’m just starting Week 6 of Couch to 5K and I’ve registered for a 5K Sept 23.

I have a few friends who run I can (not marathons, just for fun) and I’m reading The Complete Book of Running For Women and doing the Robert Ullreys podcast. Is this enough? Or should I sign up for a running clinic?

thanks in advance!

  • p.s. the running clinic I'm looking at is designed for 5K

    posted almost 5 years ago

  • if I can ask what is the cost and what do you get for the $?

    posted almost 4 years ago

  • Hi Joe, it's $69 Canadian, free technical tshirt (might be ugly) and 10 classes. The classes are 20-30 mins talking class followed by a group run. And I get access to 2 weekly group runs organized by the store (Running Room).

    I'm leaning towards going. I could use practice running in a crowd plus it might motivate me to run faster?

    posted almost 4 years ago

  • I did a running clinic to get ready for a 10k this last spring cost about $150 bucks 2 days a week for 10 weeks. My trainers were awsome and learned alot from them and they also incorporated strength and core training. I gained speed and distance and I never did group running before which I found quite fun. The clincic I took part in was fantastic if I could do it again I would.

    posted almost 4 years ago

  • I joined a clinic last night! It was weird to run with a group, but I'll have to get used to that before my first race Sept 23.

    posted almost 4 years ago

  • That cost sounds very reasonable. I've never personally done a clinic, but if you don't have people you trust to look at your form, would like the added motivation, or simply want the confidence that an experienced runner is watching you training to keep you from making big mistakes, then it sounds like a good idea. If you're only doing it for the group run, I'd look to see if you have a free or really low cost running group in you area first.

    posted almost 4 years ago

  • Cool. It sounds like even after this clinic is over I can go to the Wed & Sun group runs, so it's a pretty good deal, plus I can do it from any Running Room location (and there are a few I can easily get to).

    posted almost 4 years ago

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