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I have only been running since November and I only take one normal multi vitamin a day. As I plan to up my mileage over the next few months does anyone have any recomendations as to what I should take? I eat healthy but dont really watch what I eat. Im allergic to fish and nuts. Im not into the hype with advocare and other products where you knock out meals. But... I am open to hear what I should be looking at as my runs become longer.

  • I hear mixed reports on glucosamine but I take one just in case. I also take extra calcium as well not sure if they actually help but I am buying a little extra insurance

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  • You'll hear different things from different people, and they may all be right. Not everyone processes vitamins and minerals the same from food - so even if you have two people eating the exact same foods, one may need to take a supplement while another may not.

    However, you can start to look at things that are very popular. Joe mentioned glucosamine - that is one supplement many people take (but is also debated as to its effectiveness). It would also make sense that you want to make sure you get enough calcium, since running will likely increase your bone strength and density - but whether you get enough calcium through diet, noone really knows. Another is Iron - not only are women more prone to iron deficiency, but it's been shown that people who run also tend to be low on iron in general. Something about the impact having an effect on the body's ability to maintain iron levels.

    I'd say the biggest single thing is to have a good recovery drink that has all kinds of nutrition in it, that you consume after your workout when you body is in a place where it can absorb all the nutrients.

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  • I shall look into this glucosamine Im not sure what it is and I was thinking of gettng some calcium. Gracias!

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  • Since you are allergic to fish and nuts, I would take flax seed oil and chia seeds. They are antioxidants and would help greatly with recovery. FR sent!

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  • and accepeted!

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