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race fees so expensive...and I'm too cheap to sign up for something I can do for free

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So I'm always really interested when I see races in my area. I run 30-35 miles/week and swim regularly (I forget to post on here a lot...) and I kind of wanted to run a half iron man this spring but when I saw the $165 entrance fee I decided not to do it. Also I didn't run a ten miler because of the $35 fee...I always just talk myself out of signing up because I can go outside and run 10 miles or swim bike and run for free. I add up how many movie tickets or amusement park visits I could buy instead. What do you all think about this??

  • its all about individual taste some people like races for the competition, some like it for a motivator, some like the t shirts, some like the atmosphere, etc etc etc if its nothing but another run to you i would not pay the fee.

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  • I agree with Matt. I'll simply add that you may want to try one once to see what it is like; I find the thrill of a competitive race very different from my typical work outs. The other runners are inspiring and the group spirit, adrenaline rush, and challenge would rival the thrill of any amusement park ride. Try it, you may enjoy it. Also, in some races a portion of the money goes to a good cause (e.g., charity etc.). By joining in on a race your participation is also an inspiration for others and supports the field of running (e.g., the promotion of fitness in society etc.). I probably wouldn't start with a half-iron man however.....maybe try an Olympic distance triathlon (they are far cheaper too). Good luck and enjoy (race or no race).

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  • I didn't race for years. upon my return I too was suprised at the cost. Try to pick a few races a year with friends. Maybe a race on a vacation to add variety. Some Trail runs are more cost effective. Swag is often a factor. Relay races are fun. 12 people in 2 vans for nearly 200 miles. The experience is worth it.

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  • A IM is different because you will have a lot of outside costs other than the entrance fee. Unless you already have a Road bike, Trisuit, wetsuit and live fairly close to where the race is taking place.

    I join a race because it motivates me. It gives me focus and I think they are fun. I am picky because they can be pricey. Sometimes if you volunteer at races they company will give you a free entry to one of their races. I also saw on Active Scwaggle a deal for a 5K at $12. I think LivingSocial has deals on races sometimes too.

    It really depends on you and how you want to spend your money.

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  • Maybe just choose the ones that have significance to you. It is nice to use races as targets to train for. Also consider whether or not a portion of the fee is going to a worthy charity. Good Luck. Chris Kelley - Framingham

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  • Definitely expensive to race, but for me the race experience is worth spending on a few times a year. Nothing like race day, and the finish line!

    posted over 6 years ago

  • As I read in my Triathlete Magazine
    Races are nothing but catered workouts.

    Yes they cost money but it is the atmosphere and the people around doing the same thing makes it worth it.

    You can save some money by signing up early.

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