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Merry Christmas all! (bit late on that one I know!)

I have just unwrapped one of the new Motorola Motoactv GPS watches and am over the moon! Cant wait to take it out for a bit of a spin tomorrow but I was wondering if anyone else is running with one here and how they have found it? I am going to try it out with my old Garmin wireless Ant+ heart rate monitors that I have as the review from RunTheLine: says that I can. Are there any other tricks of tips that I should be aware of?

  • I have written a script that lets you post a workout quickly from MOTOACTV to dailymile. The instructions for the script are at:

    It copies the Date/Duration and Jounal Title & Description from MOTOACTV to a new dailymile workout when you click a button in your browser's toolbar.

    posted over 6 years ago

  • @Ross - are you still in love with this device? I'm seriously in love with it, but want to know if its worth the dough before I commit!


    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Sea
    Sea Sendmail

    Love mine. It had helped me to race to my first medal yesterday.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • William,

    I have tried you tool but it is not posting my workout. Any ideas?

    posted over 5 years ago

  • apparently the api is not working or something. WIsh I new I just tried it as well because I just bought my motoactv the other day and I love this thing

    posted over 5 years ago

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