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How do you personalize your race bib?

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I'm getting ready to hand my money over to the registration gods, and have been totally set back on submitted payment by the big question: How do I want to personalize by race bib in 16 characters or under?

It's going to be my first marathon, so I want it to be memorable. I'm not running for a cause or in memory. I'm thinking of just putting down my name. I really loved having my name on the bib in another race I ran. I was able to find one discussion on Runner's World message boards where people said that having their names on their bibs meant that spectators would cheer their names, which is encouraging when you're super tired.

Then I went and doubled checked on the San Diego website, and was entirely thrown when it mentioned verifying your name on your race bib (but the back?) when you pick up.

So this post is twofold:
(a) For anyone who ran SD RnR last year... Your name is definitely not on the *front* of your race bib, right?
(b) For anyone... How do you personalize your bib when you get the chance? Do you like to just simply put your name? What are some great personalizations that you've seen?

  • I usually try to make mine as small as possible. I like to fold it so just the numbers show. My last marathon had the names printed on the bibs. I actually kept it showing and I surprisingly liked it. Other than that, I don't personalize anything. I guess I'm personalized enough through all my tattoos. ;)

    posted about 9 years ago | edited about 9 years ago

  • I've never intentionally personalized. At my last marathon (Austin), they printed first names
    on the bib. Lots of people like to call out your name, which was a help when the going got tough.

    posted about 9 years ago

  • I haven't done anything fancy yet. Right now I just make sure all info is correct and visible in case the medics have to pick me up!

    posted about 9 years ago

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