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What is the average # of miles ridden in a 60 min spin class?

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I have often wondered and haven't yet asked. Anyone know?

  • Depending on the pace and intensity, probably somewhere between 15 - 20 miles. My typical stationary bike ride is about 20 miles averaging 90 rpm cadence.

    posted almost 9 years ago

  • Thanks, Doug!

    posted almost 9 years ago

  • On the snazzy new spin bikes at our YMCA, we get average watts, cadence, and total calories burned. In an hour class (usually ~ 50 - 55 min), I get: ~200 w; 80 rpm; 650 cal. My HR averages about 125. The mileage is usually 20 - 21.

    posted almost 9 years ago

  • Click on the training tab to get your average mph for the past month, and then multiply that times whatever time you have spent. For instance, 45 minutes is .75 hours. If your average is 16 mph, you would travel 12 miles (16 X .75 = 12). 1 1/2 hours is 1.5 X 16 = 24 miles. Chris Carmichael says you should increase your stationary ride time by 30% to allow for the fact that there are no downhills or coasting on the stationary bike.

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • Necromancer.

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  • Why did you even look here if you didn't still need an answer?

    posted almost 6 years ago

  • I am with Doug the rule is 15-20 miles because you are working the entire hour.

    posted over 5 years ago

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