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Help! Garmin or ANT+ with iPhone (cyclemeter)

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I love my iPhone - have it in a little case hooked up so it fits parallel with the bike, but also borrow my husband's garmin on the handlebar. I need to make a decision. Do I get a cadence sensor for the Garmin? - hubby could then upgrade his Garmin and I can have his Edge 500 - OR - do I get an iPhone mount and ANT+ cadence to go with that? Love my iPhone apps, but is the Garmin easy to use with DailyMile? decisons, decisions. I am thinking Garmin just for the small display that is robust on my handlebar and easy to read. . . . BUT I love my iPhone. Just heard so many stories about the iPhone falling off and since it is so much bigger - will it be to awkward on my roadbike - planning on many Sportives next year. Any advice is much appreciated!

  • Garmin is extremely easy to use with dailymile. Just click sync. As for the Iphone. I love my Iphone too and always bring it on my runs but I don't use any running programs on it because I am afraid it will run out of battery before I am done.

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Wahoo fitness makes a bike case/mount with ANT+ sensor built in for the iPhone. I the. Use CycleMeter app for the iPhone to track my workouts and this app will use the ANT+ sensors to read a heartrate monitor and speed/cadence sensor. For me it's the perfect setup. If u want more info, just message me :)


    posted over 6 years ago

  • The Garmin cadence (GSC10) is ANT+ so get that, see how you like using your iPhone plus whatever app, then decide if you prefer the Edge or iPhone. Getting the GSC10 will not be wasted money, unless hubby gets new Edge (I think most can be gotten just as head units) and it comes with the GSC10.

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  • Hi Shelly,

    I've been using my IPhone with the ANT+ sensors and various bike computers. LiveCycling is good but now I'm leaning toward Cyclemeter. You really need iOS 5 on your iPhone to really make it shine trouble free. As for the mount I use the SlipGrip 1.5" that fits my iPhone in its Otterbox shell. Love it! Check out my blog at as I posted several reviews on the equipment I use. Have fun :)

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  • I've been using Cyclemeter on my iPhone. I have it in an otterbox case and found a good sturdy mount for my handlebars. I've not added the ANT+ sensor yet. Have always heard good stuff about the Garman, but I also love my iPhone and don't want to invest yet in another device as the iPhone is providing all the info I "need" at this time.

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