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Am I getting Fitter or am I Adapting?

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I've been cycling since August. A bit over 600 miles later, I can definitely ride faster and longer than before.

However, is this because I'm getting fitter, or is my body just adapting to cycling? I know I've gained a lot of muscle in my legs and butt, and my core muscles feel stronger which is a plus of it's own, but how do I know how much better my cardio fitness has become?

@Joe, I do ride much farther and much faster now. My idea of a hard ride early on (I only ride at lunch, so they're all short) was like 7 miles at maybe 12Mph. Last Friday I did 13.2 miles at 14.8Mph, all over the same terrain. So I'm a better cyclist, but how do I separate body changes and adaptations (more leg muscle, muscle adaptation to pedaling) from the cardio fitness (stronger heart operation, better lung capacity, etc)?

I do ride with a HRM, but those numbers don't seem to change much.

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  • do you have a record of a hard ride you did when you started? ride it again and see if your time improved. you could track your fitness now by doing time trials and measuring your HR or power numbers but that requires buying a heart rate meter or a power meter.

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