Cindy J O.
Motivation after my accident....Posted by Cindy J O. - 6 years ago51375Bo A. about 6 years ago
Brandon C.
Do you run/bike to work? If so, I could use some advice.Posted by Brandon C. - 6 years ago3822Ben K. about 6 years ago
Zetty T.
Does anyone here dance?Posted by Zetty T. - 6 years ago9722Hope W. over 6 years ago
Julie F.
Has anyone here ever attending FitBlogging conference?Posted by Julie F. - 6 years ago0450-
Trish H.
vibromo five finger shoesPosted by Trish H. - 6 years ago7601Bryce H. over 6 years ago
Book recommendationPosted by Francesca - 6 years ago2503Francesca over 6 years ago
Running + InsanityPosted by Jenifer - 6 years ago2568Jenifer over 6 years ago
Robin T.
P90x ? Through Beach Body, Ebay or Amazon?Posted by Robin T. - 6 years ago63896Nanette V. over 6 years ago
Linda C.
Does anyone practice martial arts?Posted by Linda C. - 6 years ago8622Linda C. over 6 years ago
Katherine T.
What do you consider "in shape"?Posted by Katherine T. - 6 years ago101796Veronica K. over 6 years ago
Nanette V.
What is proper/best form for elliptical cross-training?Posted by Nanette V. - 6 years ago01155-
Gabby N.
Conflicting messages about Amount of ExercisePosted by Gabby N. - 6 years ago91619Emily over 6 years ago
Best practice for increasing definition while not adding sizePosted by Michael - 6 years ago72333Michael over 6 years ago
Has anyone tried the Bar Method?Posted by Anne - 6 years ago84373Stephanie F. over 6 years ago
Karen H.
KOP Co-ed floor hockeyPosted by Karen H. - 6 years ago0855-