Support is essential

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Just joined to add to a support network. I haven't ran since HS, but I needed to start after I ran a 10k mud run that kicked my ass. I started couch-to-5k in September. I'm up to almost 4.5mi in 38min. I have a long way to go, but I'm confident. I'm mostly a weight trainer, but needed to throw in cardio. Hoping to find some encouraging people on here, and others who need an extra push with support. Best wishes to every goal!!!

  • Welcome and FR sent :) Anyone feel free to add me as well...can always use more motivation!

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Welcome to DM. I've been on here for a while and it's a great place for support and encouragement. FR sent.

    posted over 6 years ago

  • FR sent, support is what keeps us going !!

    posted about 6 years ago

  • Welcome, FR sent. Just recovered from an Achilles injury and I'm training hard to go from no running to a half marathon next month.

    posted about 6 years ago

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