Rock Climbers/Boulderers?

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I know that this is a running site...and I will definitely start running to train for climbing. But I'm having a hard time finding other climbers in the mix. Do any of you climb/boulder? Although there is a section called "rock climbing" to post workouts, it doesn't seem like there are any climbing categories at all on these forums.

  • Here here here!!! I am a rock climber at heart and just enjoy running to stay lean and mean on the rock. Friend request sent!!!

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Yay! So glad to see there is another climber on here. We might be the ONLY two. Lol. Do you log your climbing workouts on here at all?

    posted over 6 years ago

  • I think the last time I logged something on here about climbing was a couple of weeks ago when I sent something I was working on, so I was excited even though no one really knew what it meant haha. I climb often but I don't ever really feel like it is a "workout" to log, even though even though it technically is haha but once it becomes winter and I can't get outside anymore, I will probably start logging my gym workouts!! I also use a lot to keep track of the climbs I have done and what-not, but you can't really keep track of your workouts on there which kind of sucks!

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Yeah totally! I used to use that site a lot, as well as I don't like those sites as much because like you said, you can't really log your workouts. You can pretty much only log if you climbed something outside thats an actual route. Since I live in Oregon where we have 9 months of rain, I'm pretty much a gym climber most of the year until the spring/summer. So glad to know we have some climbers on here. :D

    posted over 6 years ago

  • I climb indoors in Fresno. Everyone thinks I'm talking code when I say flashed, red pointed, V1, 5.10a crimpy, crux. I run to drop weight so I can climb the next grade up. Power:Weight ratio. You could friend me if you want.

    posted about 6 years ago

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