Do you run/bike to work? If so, I could use some advice.

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Any advice guys? My schedule has been so out of whack lately that I don't even know when to go running. I don't want to run at night because I'm totally not digging the cold right now and my work schedule is pretty random due to working in retail so deciding on a set time each day isn't very easy; especially when I may not get home until 11 one night and have to be in to work by 8 the next morning. I also have the slight strain of living an hour away from my fiancee (which means I'm traveling two hours a day when I have days off and she doesn't like for me to go running when I visit) so there's not much time to run on my off days.

  • I bike to work. Would be glad to answer your questions. So fire away. What do you want to know.

    I ride in Hyderabad, India. Distance of roughly 10kms thru traffic. It usually takes me 30 minutes.

    So its an hour on the cycle everyday for a total of roughly 20 kms.

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  • I ran to work for the first time last week. Left clothes and a vehicle there beforehand, and did a fun 12.7 mi jog. It was a hoot to commute that way. I've got shower facilities where I work, so no problem there. Wish I could do it more often, but I'm daddy car-pool.

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  • I've run home from work a few times, because unlike Morey (lucky dog) I have no shower facilities at my work. So I bring the clothes with me that I'll need to run home with, then leave my stuff at work to take home the next day. I live about 11 miles from where I work, and while I've done that whole distance a couple times, mostly I'll get on the public transportation system to go about half way, then run the rest home. It's kind of weird to ride the train in my running clothes, but you do what you gotta do sometimes to get the run done. At my last job I did have shower facilities, so I would bring extra work clothes with me the day before to leave so that I'd have stuff to change into once I ran there in the mornings. Good luck to you.

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