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Olympic triathlon distances discrepencies

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Hi All, I was surfing the blogsphere reading different Olympic distance tri race reports, and noticed that some Olympic events seemed to have different distances. I previously thought that the International distances were
1.5K (.932 mile) swim, 40 K(24.8) bike, and 10K (6.2 mile) run. I have read reports where the event is called Olympic, yet the run is shortened to 5.6 miles, or the bike is 23 miles. I find this a little annoying, since this is supposed to be the benchmarch distance for times (although I know there are so many variable in a tri to consider). Anyone have any explaination or thoughts about this?

  • The same seems to be true for sprint tris. The swim is anywhere from 500m to 800m and the bike anywhere betwen 12 and 15 miles. I the it mostly has to do with what authorities will let the race organizers do- eg. Exclusive access to a body of water and closing roads.

    posted over 6 years ago

  • Olympic distance SHOULD be the 1.5/40/10. I haven't really seen any cut short, but smaller races organized by towns might have to trim it short/longer.

    posted about 6 years ago

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