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What should I do to prep myself the day before a 5k?

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I am running a 5k on Thursday, and I am wondering what kind of things i should be doing. Anyone have tips related to diet, running, sleep, water intake, stretching, etc?

I want to be ready!!! Thanks in advance!

  • I haven't run a lot of races or anything, but this is my routine the day/night before:

    1. lay out the clothes i'm wearing, shoes, stop watch, race bib, and anything else i plan on wanting to have ON me

    2. pack a bag with change of clothes, towel etc. make sure the tag is on the bag to get it back from bag check and have all the info for the course ready- know where I'm going and what time I need to be there

    3. rest and eat right throughout the day- if it's a long run, load up on carbs (although for a 5k you won't need to do a massive load up on these, just eat sensibly- get some carbs and some protein) and drink plenty of water throughout the day to maintain the lovely pale yellow to clearish pee colour, and get a reasonable amount of sleep that night. You might be nervous and might not sleep perfectly, but that won't matter too much, especially if you've slept fairly well throughout the few days before the race.

    4. Morning of the race: eat breakfast- i'm a cereal, banana cup of coffee gal and get out and go!

    5.At the race: warm up before the race a little- maybe a light jog for a few minutes and then a bit of stretching

    RACE! :)

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  • to be honest, a 5K is too short for diet & hydration to be any factor during race day. Meaning you don't have to carb load or do any of that stuff unless you are planning to run for more than 90 minutes. Just eat a light breakfest. You don't want to run on a full stomach because most people get cramps. Same for water. If you are thirsty before the race, have a few sips... but you don't need to load up on water.

    Barb is right regarding a change of clothes. If you plan on running hard, you'll get pretty sweaty and then get really cold after the race if you're planning on hanging around afterwards. So some track pants, fresh shirt, socks, and a pullover would be nice to have on hand. G/L on your race!

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  • The only thing I would add to the warm up is some pick ups after you are mostly ready. Just a few 10-15 second race pace efforts to get the blood flowing. If race is a bit on the chilly side be sure not to disrobe to race wear until the last minute. wanna keep that warm up heat and not lose it.

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  • Don't do anything out of ordinary. Personally, it's not a time to try new diet or a new stretch move.

    Trust in your training and trust in yourself. GOODLUCK!

    posted over 8 years ago

  • diet and nutrition does have something to do with it, someone who eats fast food or really bad food all day wont get the same results are someone who eats good healthy food all day.. and i have had people pass out on my team from not hydrating..

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  • Main thing I would add is to run easy two days before and don't run the day before and try to be rested. A dumb thing I did in high school was to do a hard run two days before an important race.

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  • Sorry, but I wasn't saying, "Don't drink ANY water, so you'll pass out during the race." Nor was I saying, "Eat a 5 lbs. deep dish, Chicago-style pizza the night before the race." The point I was making is that a 5K is not an endurance event. The average healthy person who's eating an average diet doen't need to do anything dietarily different for a non-competitive, 5K race. You don't need to eat a ton of pasta the night before. You don't need to build up your glycogen stores. And most runners won't need to carry a hydration system during the race... the 2-3 hydration stations along the course should be enough, although carrying water is a fairly personal choice.

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  • Running-wise, just run a few easy miles, and throw in 3~4 strides (20 second bursts at race pace).

    Some folks like to take a day off before a big race. Personally, I feel flat and tight on race day if I didn't run the day before. If you do take a day off, better to take it two days before, and run easy the day before.

    I just noticed how old the original post was. Hope the race went well!

    posted over 8 years ago

  • this was asked a year ago - but its so popular so what the heck! ;]

    Things I do before a race:

    lay clothes out night before
    drink ALOT of water day before

    wake up early, avoid coffee and anything heavy. a bagel and tea or just water works
    JOG the course as a warm up so you know the layout before the race (*you go alot faster when you know the lay of it)
    try not to drink alot before or you'll be sloshing all the way through, plus you're more likely to throw up after.
    after the warm up stretch it out and pump up/ remember to have a good time with it:
    the faster you run it the sooner you'll be done (and can go take a nap!)

    posted over 7 years ago

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