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Average time by age

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I am looking for a chart stating the average time broken down by ages for a 5k run, 10k, 15k, half marathon, and full marathon. Even though I have discovered the calculator for calculating yourself against competiton online, I can not seem to be able to locate the precise info that I am trying to locate.

  • Angus;
    Have you looked for your information on here:

    posted about 7 years ago

  • I have also tried to find out this information and it is extremely difficult. I think I know what you are looking for. The problem is that "average" times in what group of runners? If I compare my marathon time with Boston Marathon finishers I find the "average" time for a 45 year old male is under 3:00, which is hardly surprising because they had to qualify to even get in. But if I compare it to a smaller local marathon like the Bay State Marathon then I see that it looks to be about 3:45 with with a nice Gaussian curve with tons of 4:00-4:30 marathoners. So I would just find the race you are interested in, get the results from past years and do some quick calculations.

    posted about 7 years ago

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