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Been running in extreme cold upper teens , find my legs are getting fatigued quicker on my long runs,,I'm training for the Central Park Marathon February 24, also having a hard time working out the clothing layer thing,,it seems a matter of only a couple of degrees that can totally screw up my body temp. open for suggestions thanks

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  • Underamour Cold Gear works great for me. I will wear them anytime it's mid-thirties and under. On top, I just usually have a running top such as an Underarmour top, or the C9 brand at target. Basically, the coldgear blocks winds & will wick moisture away. So that top level needs to be somewhat breathable. How heavy it is varies on the temp. I wear basic running pants over the tights. I have found out what works for me through years of trial and error.

    Have you weeded out other factors for your legs being fatigued. I don't know why clothing would fatigue the legs so noticeably more.

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